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We have always been so grateful for what Elm Tree gave us and our daughter, and we thought of it mostly as lots of love, patience, encouragement and understanding. And knowing she was loved for who she was. But as she starts this new journey we realize how grateful we are for everything else, like learning to sit around a table with other children and eat, how to share, how to ask for things, and express your feelings, how to connect to other adults...how to wash your hand and use the potty. All of this that has set her up so beautifully for a great transition to a new place with new discoveries, faces and friends. We are eternally grateful. We also just LOVE our memory book, and have already read it many times, always with some tears. What a special and cherished part of our memories it will become. Thank you all for that. She was ready to move on, but only because you all helped nurture her to her "big girl" self!

~Lots of Love, Gavin and Brian

Today is my daughter's last day and I am writing to say Thank You. The Elm Tree has been an excellent experience for her and for us as a family. I always felt completely  comfortable dropping her off and I knew that she was in the best of hands. I especially appreciate the staff's caring, flexibility, and passion for the program. Communication was excellent and whenever we needed to handle transitions, interactions with other kids, making friends, etc the feedback was great and everybody was very responsive to changing needs. I've recommended Elm Tree to a few families and would not hesitate to do so in the future. We're sad she's leaving but happy that she's made some great memories at Elm Tree and is so well prepared for the next step.


My son went to the Elm Tree quite some time ago (2002-2003). That said, I had the most positive experience there of any school he has attended yet. Couldn't say enough great things about it.

~ Janine

The Elm Tree provided the upmost personalized care and toddler focused experiential curriculum we could have ever asked for! Our daughter, Sophia, has Sickle Cell Anemia, a chronic illness that is very difficult to accommodate in daycare and school settings because of the severe limitations it places on the child. However, the teachers and director went ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure that Sophia was not only well cared for, but never felt excluded, isolated or different.  The staff at The Elm Tree are more than simply daycare workers- they are highly educated teachers that seek to encourage and develop all aspects of every child that walks through their door. They collaborated with Sophia's speech and occupational therapy team and incorporated her therapy goals into her everyday routine without drawing any unecessary attention to her developmental delays. Although we have yet to find a preschool that is able to accommodate her illness and special needs, we are truly blessed that she was able to have even just a glimmer of normalcy during her time at The Elm Tree. Thank you for providing such a perfect balance of personally tailored accomodations with everyday fun!

~The Rose Family

My daughter went to the Elm Tree from early 2007-2008. She loved it there. I like that they have small child/teacher ratios, healthy snacks, they incorporate music into their exposure. Naptime was quiet and soothing for her. There were many times that she was soothed to sleep by someone rubbing her back. I also think it's great that they have such a small age range there. It brings cohesion to the group. Kenny still is her favorite and we are fortunate to have him drop in and play with her on occasion. I think the people that work there genuinely love kids and it shows in how they care for them.


The Elm Tree is such a warm, nurturing environment.  I always felt safe and secure emotionally leaving our daughter there.  The many good-bye rituals were tremendously useful and allowed us to create a smooth drop-off dynamic with her.  

The end of the day overviews of nap/lunch/snacks/potty etc are tremendously useful to us and very appreciated.  Our daughter adores the Elm Tree and will miss you all so much!  We can't thank you enough.

~Anne Lester and Scott Bruce

I have been very impressed with the levels of conscious care and love that my son received at the Elm Tree from the very beginning of his time there. I would recommend the Elm Tree to parents with young children in the future.


Every staff person at the Elm Tree has shown sincere interest in my daughter's development. She has thrived and grown to develop new skills and interests that I can attribute to the influence of the environment at the Elm Tree. I have been very pleased with my decision to enroll her here.

We love this program! We have our second child here and we have such confidence and enthusiasm in and about the teachers and the philosophy/culture and practice. Only regret is that they can't stay past 3 years old!

We cannot state strongly enough how impressed we are with the Elm Tree staff and how rich and rewarding the experience has been for our child. I cannot imagine entrusting her care to more professional, more capable, more caring people.

The Elm Tree is a great program and their specialty in the toddler age group is unparalleled in the community. My girls love the program and all the teachers.

You guys are doing a wonderful job - our daughter really enjoys school and she grew so much (socially and developmentally) after she started school. I feel very confident when I drop her off and saying goodbye to her when she goes to school - I know she is going to have a good time!

~Andrew Maloney and Roni Chen

 Dear Elm Tree, Our son asks if he can go back to Elm Tree every day!  We sure miss all of you.

~Tehya & Peter 

 What a gift to have a safe and loving place for our daughter to grow in.  We loved our Elm Tree experience and will miss all of you so much.  Thank you for giving of yourselves and being there with smiles every day.

~Liza & Jesse 

 Our daughter truly blossomed uner your care and is growing up to be quite the compassionate, strong and sarcastic little girl, which I love.  These traits may be her innate personality but they were certainly cultivated during her time at Elm Tree.  Last but not least, let me express how well you all took care of me.  As a first time, work-from-home mom, my drop-offs and pick-ups at the Elm Tree were often the highlights of my day.  Aplogies if I lingered too long, but now you know why!  You all have perhaps the best job in the world and I trust and appreciate you so much.  I'll miss the Elm Tree and hope our next place can live up to the expectations I now have of my daughter's day care provider.  You raised the bar pretty high!  Thank you and much love.


 We feel so blessed to have met you and shared summer with such fun, loving friends.  Thank you so much for letting us share our summer with you at the Elm Tree, it was the best summer ever!

~Laura & Marc 

 Thank you to all the special teachers and children at the Elm Tree, both past and present.  Our family treasures you all.  We feel blessed that our little girl has had the gift of the guidance and nourishment from all those who will forever be a part of who she is.  You will all be missed.

~Alexis, Jeff & Mike