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Our teachers are the most crucial element of The Elm Tree. Without nurturing, attentive and dedicated staff members the best curriculum and environment in the world would amount to very little.

All of our lead teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education and are Group Leader qualified. Our goal is to retain high quality teachers who have a passion for the field of Early Childhood Education and who understand modern, contemplative teaching methods.

When hiring, we follow the regulations of Colorado State Licensing Standards, so we complete background checks on each new hire and require that all staff members complete a First Aid and CPR training course within the first month of employment. Regular, on-going training in the field of Early Childhood Education is provided. Sometimes this is done on-site during one of our Professional Development Days. Other opportunities for training are made available to our teachers within the local area using the resources of colleges such as Naropa and Front Range Community College and through agencies such as the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County.