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Introducing our Preschool classroom!

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We are very proud to bring you our new program for Preschool-aged children, between ages 2 1/2 - 6
To learn more or to schedule a tour of our new preschool:
phone: 303-440-2934
         email:  preschool@theelmtree.org

Philosophy Statement

~We believe that children are whole, independent beings deserving of respect, self-respect, self-expression and meaningful opportunities for development.

~In our interactions with children, we strive to give choices and allow their decisions to count, teaching positive communication methods and ways to resolve conflicts through guidance and positive modeling.   

~Children are always encouraged to treat others gently and respectfully, to develop empathy and compassion for the needs of others.   

~We believe that all children deserve to be nurtured regardless of their behavior and that helping children see the natural consequences of their actions, rather than enforcing a contrived consequence will help them develop their own inner sense of right and wrong based upon universal truths.   

~It is our belief that we must show children how to become responsible caregivers for this earth that they will need to live upon in the future.






    Our curriculum is formed around a foundation in contemplative education.  We use reflective observations to plan learning activities such as yoga, music, art, stories, gardening, nature walks or movement/rhythm games.  Activities are molded to the interest and ability levels of the individual child with play-based learning as a crucial element of our program.


    Play cannot be underestimated in importance as it is the main avenue for learning at this stage in a child’s development.  Parents and childcare providers are sometimes led to believe that structured activities are the only way for the child to gain new knowledge.  All it takes is some time spent observing a young child in “free play” mode to realize that they are learning much more than it first appears.   Our goal is to provide the experiences, materials and environment that support and nurture this early exploration.


      Nature is an essential component of our curriculum as well, one of our goals is to help children develop a true connection, have a personal relationship with nature through experiential play in natural environments.  Whether inside or out we find meaningful ways to connect and relate to what is happening in mother nature and the world around us.


      Literacy and language development are woven into our curriculum, throughout the classroom and in different elements of our day.  At this age and stage of development, preschool children are absorbing linguistic concepts at an astonishing rate.  Their love of rhythm and repetition, and their hunger for new information give us opportunities to introduce language learning in creative and unique ways.  Although we don't emphasize academic-readiness skills in our program, we feel it's important to have pre-reading and pre-writing concepts available to children early in their lives and to make these materials accessible to them.  If children begin to show they are interested in learning letters and words they are given activities and opportunities to expand on that interest through many different learning modalities.


      Developmentally Appropriate Practices are used to ensure that our curriculum and environment are tailored to the interests and skill levels of each child.  Within the 2 ½ – 6 year old age group there is a large range of skills and abilities so we split the children into groups of older and younger children throughout the day so that they can have the benefits of both learning within a group of peers of their own age as well as learning within a mixed age group with older and younger children combined.