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The Elm Tree Newsletter       February 2011 


Grandrabbits “Bunny Bucks”

  Many of you are familiar with the lovely toy store on Arapahoe called Grandrabbits Toy Store.  The Elm Tree participates in their “Bunny Bucks program”, which means that whenever you make a purchase at their store, you can request that it be added to the Elm Tree’s Bunny Bucks account.  At the end of the year, the amount is totaled and we will receive 10% of the total of your purchases to go towards buying new toys for the Elm Tree!  


Daily Report

  Check out our blog for a daily report.  Fun and interesting snippets on the songs, activities, food and events of the day can be found here.  Just type in www.TheElmTree.org/Blog.  Please let us know of any other ideas you may have about how this blog could be of service to our parent community!


Winter Reminders

~Please bring outdoor gear that is appropriate for the weather as we do try to go outside each day.


~It helps us so much if parents keep their child home when they are sick, we appreciate everyone’s willingness to stay home with their children when they are not feeling well.


~Don’t forget to sign in at drop-off and sign out at pick-up time.  This is not only a licensing requirement but it also helps us know who is in the building in the event of an emergency.


Date Night

   This month we’d like to try a new Elm Tree event – date night!!  We will be available to watch your child here at Elm Tree next Monday, February 14 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Parents will need to sign up in advance and there will be a limited number of spaces available so let us know as soon as possible if you would like to use this opportunity for an evening out!


Natural Playscape Project

  Some of you have been asking about parent service hours.  This month we will be installing (weather permitting) a willow hut in the backyard.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with the planning or implementing of this project!    


February Curriculum Focus

   To borrow an overused phrase from toddler lingo, this month we are learning about MINE; my world, my body, my family and my self. 

   We will begin with the self and travel outwards to the family and then the larger world.  We will engage the children in a more modern approach to the my family part, where the only important shared aspect will be the love a group of people have for each other, whether it be a single mom or single dad family, a double dad or double mom family, a family where grandma and grandpa play a large role, even adoptive families.  If your children ask questions about families, please feel free to engage them in a conversation about the wonderful varieties of family that exist and the importance of the love that holds them all together. 

   On that note, our song to share for this month will be the song about the glue that holds all of the “mine” together.


“Love is something

when you give it away,

give it away,

give it away,

love is something

when you give it away,

you end up having more. 

Love is like a magic penny. 

Hold it tight and you won’t have many. 

Lend it, spend it, you’ll have so many,

you’ll roll all over the floor. 

Love is something

when you give it away,

give it away,

give it away,

love is something

when you give it away,

you end up having more.”


   Any ideas that you might have to expand on our curriculum for the month are always appreciated.  This month, help would be nice in the form of the “my world” aspect, when we learn about fire fighters and police officers, the post office and other such things.




Important Dates


Monday Feb. 14th – Date Night


Monday Feb. 21st – Closed for President’s Day


March 21-25 – Spring Break