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Toddlers, between 12 and 36 months, who are walking independently, are eligible for enrollment in the toddler classroom and preschoolers between 2 1/2 and 6 years of age are eligible for enrollment in our preschool age group classroom. We are happy to accept any child for enrollment provided we are able to accommodate and meet their needs within the structure of our program while maintaining the same high quality care for the other children.

We offer open enrollment throughout the year.  Families interested in enrollment should visit Elm Tree School before an application can be made to get on our waiting list. When an opening becomes available we will begin contacting people on the waiting list to offer the position to them.


Tours are scheduled on most days of the week and usually occur around 10:30 in the morning. Please call in advance to arrange for a tour. Families are encouraged to bring their child with them so they can interact with the other children and the environment, this will help you know whether Elm Tree is a good fit for you. You will receive a Visitor Packet during the tour to take home and review, included in this packet is a waiting list application.

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Toddler Tuition Rates

Click here to view the preschool tuition rates.

    Half-Day Morning Schedules:   8am - 12:30pm

5 mornings



3 mornings



2 mornings



     Half-Day Afternoon Schedules:         12:30pm - 5:30 pm                                           

5  days



3  days



2  days



     Full Day Schedules

5 days 8am - 4pm



8am - 5:30pm


3 days 8am - 4pm



8am - 5:30pm


2 days 8am - 4pm



8am - 5:30pm


Aftercare drop-in 4:00-5:30pm:


Drop-In Rate: 





Application Fee:


Materials Fee:

$150     (one time fee)


Full Day

8:00-4:00 or 5:30 & 9:00-4:00 or 5:30



Half Day AM


Half Day PM


                                   AM Session includes Morning Snack and Lunch
                                   PM Session includes Afternoon Snack

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Admissions Process

Once you are satisfied that The Elm Tree is your childcare center of choice you can submit your waiting list application and let us know what your ideal start date and schedule is, we will do everything we can to accommodate your preferences.

When a space becomes available we will contact you and schedule an enrollment meeting. At this appointment, you will receive a Parent Handbook, the policies will be reviewed with you, and any questions answered. The contract for services will be signed and a non-refundable deposit of  one month's tuition as well as the materials fee will be collected at that time to reserve the position for your child.

Your initial visits will occur during the contracted period, generally during the first week. To ease the transition into the program for you and your child we feel it's necessary for you to spend some time getting comfortable. We require that you and your child attend at least one or two visits before your child attends without you. These visits are usually scheduled for the same days of the week your child is enrolled, and should last about an hour or so. The first day without you staying with your child will generally occur during the second week of the contracted period. Adjustments may be made on an individual basis.

Your child will be assigned a primary caregiver or lead teacher when they enroll in our program. The role of this teacher is to ease the transition into the program for both you and your child, and be sure your needs are attended to throughout your time with us.This is done by establishing an ongoing relationship with you, your child and family. This is not an exclusive relationship, as your child will be cared for by other caregivers as well. In consideration of staff schedules, other caregivers will also be assigned. 

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