The Elm Tree Newsletter  November 2010

Natural Playscape

   We made quite a lot of progress on our playscape this fall thanks to the prolonged, Indian-summer weather.  We are just a few elements away from completing the porch project and having a permanent outdoor art area! 

   Tonight, Nov. 11, we will hold our Playscape Planning Meeting where we’d like to put together solid plans and a complete materials list for each project as well as have an idea who will be heading up the different projects.  

   We are maintaining a blog to document the progress of the entire playscape, check it out at!    



Winter Weather

   As winter closes in on us, we’d like to remind everyone of our weather closure policies.  We follow the Boulder Valley School District for all snow/weather-related closures.  Any announcements regarding closures for the school district can be found at  We can also make our own decisions regarding closing and if events require us to close, (staff illness, road closures, etc) an announcement will be put on our website and emails sent out to all the families.

   This is also a great time to remind everyone to bring in warmer clothing for their child’s extra clothes basket and parents should keep in mind that we go outside every day, in all kinds of weather, so it’s important to come in with the proper gear for the weather that day.    

Seasonal Best Health Practices

   Winter brings plenty of cold and flu bugs with it and we work with parents in trying to keep everyone healthy.  Here’s what you can do to help:  Make sure to wash hands at arrival, and if you also wash hands at pick-up time you’ll reduce the amount of germs coming home with you. 

   Remind kids to cough and sneeze into their elbows at home, this practice will really help us out here where there are many more children are around to be coughed on. 

    Please keep your child home if they don’t seem well, this is the single greatest thing parents can do to help us.  The onset of an illness is often the most contagious time, a clear, runny nose along with low energy or cranky behavior is an indicator that a child should stay home.  Please consult your parent handbook for all our sick policies.  If a child does become ill while at school, we will call a parent immediately and ask that the child be picked up as soon as possible, but in no event should it be longer than an hour.


   Prevention is often the best strategy for good health.  Keep your and your child’s immune system strong by limiting sugar and refined flours; get plenty of rest and fluids and take supplements of vitamins such as C and D, which are often recommended by doctors and nutritionists during these winter months.

Medication Permission

   Since children are often taking more medications this time of year, it’s a great time to remind everyone that when it comes to giving children medication, licensing has some pretty firm rules for us.  We are required to have a medication permission form that is filled out and signed by the prescribing physician and a parent.  This form is on our website (  We’ll also include one along with this newsletter; it’s a good idea to take it to each doctor’s visit just in case medication is prescribed.  The medication needs to be in its original packaging as well.



Family Tree Photos

   Our family tree is looking a bit bare and so we’re giving a homework assignment to all our families: scrounge around this weekend and find a family photo to bring in.  Kids love having a memento of their family to hold onto during the day, it‘s a great way for them to still feel connected even when you‘re apart.  We will laminate it and it will get lots of love, so don’t expect to get it back in the same condition.  But if you can part with or make a copy of a family picture and bring it in, your kiddos will be so very grateful!


Dates to Remember    

Nov. 24th - 26th: closed for Thanksgiving Break.

December 17th: our annual Holiday party, location and time TBA.

December 20th - December 31st : The Elm Tree will be closed for winter break, returning to school on Monday, January 3rd.

November Curriculum

   The month of November is dedicated to our furry friends, the animals. Some of the art work revolves around playdoh. we’ll do animal prints in the playdoh and later in the month we can jam feathers into playdoh and let them dry for turkeys. My favorite aspect of animal month is the group times. The play room is our barn, the nap rooms serve for wide open landscapes or prop songs i.e a cobbler’s bench for Pop Goes the Weasel, a bed for Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, or a log for Five Green and Speckled Frogs. A song called "The Little Grey Ponies" anchors the group time as we begin in the barn as ponies and return to the barn as ponies after exploring the back rooms.



The little grey ponies are all in the barn,

are all in the barn, are all in the barn.

The little grey ponies are all in the barn,

they're all in the barn to stay.


The little grey ponies jump over the fence

jump over the fence, jump over the fence.

The little grey ponies jump over the fence and gallop and gallop away.

They gallop and gallop away,

they gallop and gallop away.

The little grey ponies jump over the fence and gallop and gallop away.


The little grey ponies come back to the barn,

come back to the barn, come back to the barn.

The little grey ponies come back to the barn. They're hungry for some hay.


So the farmer he gives them some oats and some hay and some corn and they all go to sleep

they all go to sleep they all go to sleep.

The little grey ponies they all go to sleep until the cock crows in the morn . . . .cock-a-doodle-do . . . wake up grey ponies!!