The Elm Tree Newsletter                  December 2010


Welcomes and Goodbyes

   We have one new friend joining us this month, Bodan Schnitzer who will attend Tues, Thurs mornings.  His older brother Kaz was also an Elm Tree graduate, so it’s great to have the Schnitzer family back!  We said goodbye to Margaret last month and later this month we’ll bid farewell to Madeleine, Simon and Ander.  *sniff sniff*  We’ll miss you all.




Winter Schedule and Events

Winter BreakThe Elm Tree will be closed from December 20th until Jan 2nd, reopening on Monday, January 3rd.  Happy holidays!


Holiday PartyOur annual holiday party will be held Friday evening, December 17th from 6-8pm.  We are currently searching for a venue for this event, if anyone has a suggestion or idea for a good space to hold this please let us know.  Or if there is someone with a large home they wouldn’t mind sharing for the evening that could work as well!  A potluck sign up sheet will be posted for families to sign up to bring a dish or drink.  Plan to also bring a small, wrapped gift that is in the $10 price range and appropriate for a toddler. We will have a gift exchange, so no name tags are necessary.  If older siblings are attending you may want to bring them a gift with their name on it.  This is a fun, memorable evening full of shared food, gifts, songs, conversations and laughter.  We hope all of you can make it!



Service Hour Opportunities

  We did not have the biggest response for our Natural Playscape Parent Planning Meeting last month (and many thanks to the parent who did show up!)  We hope this is reflective of scheduling conflicts and not lack of interest.  We’ll try to find a way to include everyone in the planning and implementing of the playscape, if there is an easier way to get parents involved in this project please share your ideas! 


***Kenny will be taking the lead on the Sensory Area and Sound Garden and is looking for volunteers to join that group and help plan the various elements such as homemade musical instruments, a water feature and other fun stuff (Installing in April-May). 



***Ken and Victoria (Nephra’s folks) and Dorje are going to work on the Garden remodel and Greenhouse construction and they are looking for volunteers who can lend their services to that project (Installing in March-April).


***Lizy and Anne (Claire’s mom) will be taking on the Willow Hut and Rustic Fort project which we’ll start on immediately after our winter break.  Lizy has some ice fishing experience which she claims will be helpful in digging out the holes for the willow shoots.  We’ll need additional volunteers who can help gather materials and assemble these structures!!


***Other opportunities include wrangling up volunteers from the community (church or school groups are great!), and helping with fundraising events such as our upcoming toddler art show!




Ÿ  Parents should arrive a few minutes before their scheduled pick-up time to allow adequate time for departure.  Children naturally need a little transition time and this also gives you a chance to chat with the teachers and find out how your child’s day went.



Ÿ  Please remember to sign your child in and out each day.  This is vital for our records, required by licensing and it is also a safety feature, so we know who exactly is in the building in the event of emergency.

Ÿ  Continue to wash hands when arriving and departing, this helps to keep home germs at home and school germs at school. 

Ÿ  Please check on your child’s extra clothing basket and make sure there are several weather appropriate outfits in there.  Several of our kids have no extra clothes at all and some still have shorts in there.  If your child came home in Elm Tree clothing please wash and return them as soon as you can!



A Camera for Elm Tree

  A little while ago our Elm Tree camera died, it did go through a lot in its tenure here.  We are wondering if anyone has an extra digital camera lying around that they never use or maybe someone is planning to upgrade soon and wouldn’t have use for their old one?  We do tend to take a lot of pictures of the little ones so we can give them to parents at graduation in the form of a goodbye book, so it’s definitely a necessary item.  Many thanks!



Curriculum Corner

   This month we will be celebrating the joys of winter.  In group time we’ll be riding our “one horse open sleighs” into the backroom to the tune of Jingle Bells and coming back to the playroom singing Winter Wonderland.  In our art projects we’ll be painting ‘snow paintings’ using cotton balls and white paint and we’ll use a lot of blue to represent ice.  We’ll also work on making giant snowflakes to decorate our classroom!  At our holiday party, we have a group sing of favorite holiday songs; here is one you can start learning now!




Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah

Come light the Menorah

Let’s have a party

We’ll all dance the Hora

Gather round the table

We’ll give you a treat

Dreidels to play with

And latkes to eat

And while we are playing

The candles are burning low

One for each night, they shed a sweet light

To remind us of days long ago

One for each night, they shed a sweet light

To remind us of days long ago

Here is a link you can visit to hear the tune:



Upcoming Dates:


December 20th – Jan 2nd  - Winter break, Elm Tree will be closed

December 17h - Elm Tree Holiday Party
January 17thMartin Luther King Jr. Day, Elm Tree will be closed