The Elm Tree Newsletter  October 2010


   Our program is now full with the last few remaining time slots filled in.  Last month we said goodbye to Tomas and welcomed two new children to the program, Ander  and Emery, for MWF mornings. Next month we will say hello to Phoenix, with a MWF full day schedule.



Parent-Teacher Conferences

   October 21st and 22nd will be our Parent-Teacher conferences.  A sign- up sheet will be available during the week before the conferences and The Elm Tree will be closed for regular childcare on those days.  Childcare will be available for children during the time of their conference; when signing up, please note whether you will need childcare so we can plan accordingly!

   In preparation for your conference, start looking at and adding to your child’s family album.  An email was sent out last month about the Ounce Scale and these albums, you can request to have it resent if you are unable to locate the email.



   Here at school, we will also be working on our observation records for each child then at the conference we can sit down and compare notes!  This provides us with an informative and well-rounded perspective on who each child is what we can do to support them individually.  Parents who used these albums in the past really enjoyed them and expressed how helpful they were. 


Natural Playscape

   We have officially launched the playscape project!  If you haven’t had a chance to see the changes in our backyard, you should check it out!  A few weeks ago we poured the concrete to extend the porch and sidewalk.  This is just part one of phase one, but it’s a start!  To finish phase one we will be constructing a small shade structure to extend the shade as well as sprucing up and furnishing the outdoor art area.  Any parents interested in helping complete phase one please let us know.

   To document this project, we are starting up a Playscape Blog!  There will be a link to the blog from our website, where we’ve added some information about the playscape; but to go directly there type in  We’ll keep the blog updated with our current progress, upcoming projects, a materials-needed list, any volunteer opportunities and fundraising info!




Playscapes Committee Meeting

   This month, we’d like to hold a parent planning meeting for parents who are interested in helping out with the natural playscape project.  We’ve had several parents sign up for specific tasks and others express interest in general help as needed.  Whether you want to head up a subcommittee or are simply interested in learning more and contributing fresh ideas, please plan to attend!


Look for an email in the next week or so with more information on the Playscape Planning meeting.  We will work on getting groups together for each project and a materials list for the entire project.



   Another element of the natural playscape project is fundraising.  We have some ideas for ways to raise additional funds and would welcome any parents who’d like to help out with this particular element.  The next fundraising event will be a Toddler Art Show!  We’ll have more information about that after the winter break. 

   Thanks for all the enthusiasm and wonderful ideas contributed so far for this fun project.  Here is our chance to demonstrate to the greater community that is it possible to make our dreams become reality with a little imagination, creativity and elbow grease!





October Curriculum

   For the month of October, Colorado will provide us with our curriculum guidance. We will be preparing the children for autumnal changes through songs, environmental interactions, and artwork. We will be watching the leaves change colors from the backyard and on buggy rides while using leaves for art and for fun.   We will sing about the animals of the world and how they prepare for winter by fattening up in fall.

   We also have a couple of parent partnership opportunities. As soon as pumpkin patches are open, we would love it if a parent or a couple of parents could get together to purchase and bring 20-25 little pumpkins to the Elm Tree.


 We will have our annual pumpkin patch where each child gets to pick out a pumpkin and then we can use them for art and activities for the remainder of the month. Last year's pumpkin cost was right around $25. Anyone who wants to either donate the money for pumpkins or pick them up or both can contact Kenny immediately.

   We will leave you with one song that should get pretty popular over the next month.

Squirrel Nutkin
Squirrel Nutkin has a coat of brown
quite the loveliest in woodland town.
Two bright eyes search round to see,
where the tastiest nuts may be.

Squirrel Nutkin in his coat of brown,
scampers up the trees and down.
Two bright eyes search round to see,
where the tastiest nuts may be.