The Elm Tree Newsletter

                                       Spring 2008



Welcomes and Goodbyes


Most of you have already had the pleasure of getting to know Sandy, our newest teacher here at the Elm Tree. Sandy was initially hired as a sub until the end of March, at  which time she was planning on taking over Ashley’s hours. However, with all of the illness, etc.  we’ve experienced over the past month, Sandy has been working a pretty full load already and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team. At the same time, we are beginning to feel sad about Ashley’s departure at the end of this month. She will be very much missed by all of us, and we wish her the best on her new journey.


Blankets and Other Naptime Items


Beginning this  week  we are asking  parents to take home their child’s blankets, pillow covers and other naptime items at the end of each week to be washed. We have been providing this service for a while now but due to the compact  size of our washer and dryer and the increasing number of items brought in for naptime, it has become more and more challenging for us to keep up  with. Hopefully this won’t be too much of an inconvenience for anyone and we will do our best to remind you the first few weeks.


Parent Volunteers


We would like to ask for parent  participation in a number of projects we have coming up. Please let us know how you would be willing to help and we thank you in advance.

1.     Sewing pillow covers and possibly futon covers ( we will provide the fabric )

2.     Sewing new cot sheets (old ones can be used for pattern)

3.     Distributing and collecting monthly bookorders. ( we will place the actual order )

4.     Helping organize a fundraiser for our new playground ( scheduled to begin construction in April, more information to follow)

In addition, we have had several prospective families ask for a list of references for the Elm Tree and would like to know if you would be willing to be included on such a list.


The Elm Tree Family Tree


We are continuing our efforts to redecorate our playroom after the painting that was done over the Holiday break. It has been a slow process, as we are being very deliberate about  what and  where things are going up. For example, rather than having art scattered across the room, we have created an art presentation corner near the bookshelf. It will be easier for us to keep the childrens’ art updated in this way. Please feel free to admire the art corner  anytime.

The next item, the Elm Tree Family Tree, is ready to go back up but is still not complete. If you haven’t already, please bring in pictures of your child and family. We can’t begin to tell you how comforting it is for them to see your faces  when they are having a rough day. Unlike the last posting spot, the new Family Tree will be more easily accessible to the children.

In addition to having a picture of your family on the tree, we would like to put together a photo album for each child. We ask that you supply a few pictures dating back to their beginning at the Elm Tree, and we will update their books  regularly with photos we take here, as well as supply the album. This has the possibility of building a wonderful bridge between your homes and our center.  We can only be successful  with this project, however, if we have everyone’s participation, so we are hopeful you will all get on board.


Composting Update


As many of you know, we compost our food scraps and recycle the compost back into our garden. You may also have noticed a new tall, white trash can in the children’s bathroom. In an effort to reduce waste and improve our composting program we are now collecting tissues and paper towels in a separate container and adding them to the compost bin. When you wash your child’s hands at arrival and departure, please have them throw their paper towels into the new trash can. We’re always looking for ways to be more conscientious and take care of our earth, and there is no better time to begin teaching our children how to do this than now.



The top three reasons to compost are:

1.     Organic nutrients for the garden (free fertilizer and no chemicals)

2.     Less trash (food waste can make up almost 1/3 of our garbage)

3.     Less greenhouse gas emissions and groundwater contamination from landfills (organic waste in landfills stagnates and produces methane gas and toxic runoff)


If anyone would like more information about composting or how to start a compost bin at home, we have some literature available that we would be happy to copy for anyone interested.


 A Quick Reminder


The Elm Tree will be closed for spring break from Monday, March 24th through Friday, March 28th.



 Thank  you, everyone, for your ongoing support, and for trusting us, every day,  with your little ones.





              Ariana, Chris, Kenny, Ashley, Sarah, and Sandy